Skype 4.1 Beta for Windows 桌面分享新功能  

Thursday, May 28, 2009 by Anchi in

繁體中文正式版:Download Skype 4.1 for Windows
version 2009/07/01 

參閱官方部落格:Skype4.1 Beta for Windows is here-with screen sharing

除了語音視訊聊天之外,桌面或是選定視窗的共享應該是戰地記者幫親朋好友同事們解決電腦問題的利器,剛剛玩過測試版遠端桌面分享的功能不是很穩定,期待正式版再說,最好還可以支援遠端遙控.其它的 New Feature還有以下幾點. download下載

  • feature: Screen sharing
  • feature: Accessibility
  • feature: Skype name highlighting on webpages
  • feature: Free call phone number highlighting on webpages
  • feature: Contacts sending
  • feature: Birthday reminders
  • improvement: Audio and Video engine updated
  • improvement: Ability to import more contacts from more source
  • improvement: Updated Skype for Internet Explorer plugin
  • improvement: Updated Skype for Firefox plugin

    Skype 4.1 Beta for Windows 桌面分享新功能


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